Teachers’ Idea Fund – Investing in Manitoba Classrooms

Across Manitoba, skilled and dedicated teachers, staff and school leaders support quality education and improve student outcomes through innovation each and every day.

Manitoba’s Teachers’ Idea Fund is a five-year, $25 million investment in the ideas and innovations of front-line teachers, staff and school leaders from across our province.

On July 16, 2021, the Manitoba government announced 27 successful innovative projects as the first set of proposals from the inaugural intake of applications for the 2021 Teachers’ Idea Fund. Further successful projects from the first intake will be announced soon.

Applications continue to be accepted and will be reviewed on a continuous intake process. The application form for projects that are more than $25,000 or are multi-year will be available in soon.

The Teachers’ Idea Fund is a priority action with the government’s Better Education Starts Today – Putting Students First strategy, released March 15, 2021.


Submissions will be accepted from Manitoba teachers; school staff and school leaders employed within Manitoba’s public schools. Projects submitted will require the support of school authority (i.e. principal).

Projects $25,000 and under will be evaluated based on their expected outcomes.  For projects over $25,000 please contact [email protected] for further information.

Applications Are Now Being Accepted

Initiatives must provide innovative solutions to strengthen teacher practices and support one or more of the following priorities:

  1. Targeted Learning Supports: Initiatives to address
    1. the impacts of COVID-19 on student learning
    2. the foundational skills of literacy and numeracy infused into any subject area
    3. efforts to improve curriculum implementation and
    4. advancement of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) through experiential and workplace learning experiences.
  2. Models of Teaching and Learning: Field initiated models of learning that explore different teaching and learning practices that address diverse student needs, builds a more resilient and relevant education system, supports the implementation of the province’s virtual learning strategy, and advances innovative pedagogical practices.
  3. Mental Health and Well-being: Initiatives that support social and emotional learning and enhanced mental health resources and support for the students and staff in schools.
  4. Transitions in K-12 Education: Initiatives that build and support transitions in education including student’s sense of belonging and readiness (e.g., starting kindergarten, from primary to middle school, middle school to secondary school, secondary school to further education and the workforce).
  5. Engage Families and Parents: Initiatives that engage families, parents/caregivers and communities as part of the local learning environment.

For this phase of intake the following apply:

  1. Maximum timeframe of one school year.
  2. A partnership with an external or internal support person who will act as a critical friend to the project, supporting the applicant with the design, implementation, data collection and analysis, and reporting.
  3. Use research and data to enrich teacher development and improve student outcomes.
  4. A plan for sharing the learning and findings.

Teachers are encouraged to submit as a small group of two or more teacher(s) who want to try new practices, adapting these practices as they regularly monitor their impact to improve student outcomes.

Teachers are also encouraged to submit an application between schools’ and/or with the wider community (post-secondary, business, non-governmental organizations, and early childhood).

How to submit a proposal

Step 1 – Share your idea, improvement or innovation!

Teachers’ Idea Fund is now open to applications. Submit your idea, improvement or innovation using our application form.

The application form requires you to submit a budget and implementation plan and to highlight any areas of potential risk.

Step 2 – Demonstrate school authority endorsement

Projects submitted in this phase require the endorsement of your school authority.  The application form will also require you to submit a budget and implementation plan and to highlight any areas of potential risk.

Step 3 – Submit your project

Once complete, your proposal may be submitted for evaluation based on its anticipated outcomes.