Future-Ready Students

Future Ready StudentsPutting students first means supporting their engagement, mental health and attendance at school to build skills that will serve them throughout life.

How we will get there:
  • Build on the enhanced mental health programming introduced during the pandemic in partnership with the new department of Mental Health, Wellness and Recovery.
  • Create a Student Advisory Council to bring youth insight and advice to the Minister of Education.
  • Establish a task force to examine links between poverty and education in connection to the Poverty Reduction Strategy and support strategies to improve outcomes for all students.
  • Develop a system to respond to the root causes of chronic absenteeism, working with intersectoral partners, parents and caregivers.
  • Introduce consistent early years assessments, focusing on children entering kindergarten and students who have experienced disrupted learning, to prevent children from falling behind in the early years.
  • Ensure successful transitions to post-secondary education and working careers through new credit programs, technical-vocational learning experiences and expanded apprenticeship programs.
  • Launch a provincial online high school and a provincial remote learning strategy using lessons learned during the pandemic to enhance access to programming across the province.

These are just some of the priorities to support students to be Future-Ready Students—one of four pillars for student success in the Better Education Starts Today: Putting Students First strategy.

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