Governance and Accountability

Governance and Accountability for ResultsBetter education starts with a unified system built on streamlined governance, a fair funding model and measured performance.

How we will get there:
  • Unify 37 school boards into 15 regions and one French division.
  • Streamline administration and governance under a single Provincial Education Authority.
  • Shift resources from top-heavy bureaucracy into classrooms.
  • Create a fair, transparent and sustainable funding model for schools based on need, not property tax revenues.
  • Establish School Community Councils to give parents a stronger voice in education.
  • Publish annual school improvement plans focussed on student achievement and well-being.
  • Develop a provincial data and performance measurement strategy to monitor and report on key outcomes for all students.

These are just some of the priorities to support teachers and improve student outcomes through Governance and Accountability—one of four pillars for student success in the Better Education Starts Today: Putting Students First strategy.

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